Traditional Bavarian bierkeller night enjoyed in Dolau

Members of Radnor Valley Band were the stars at the Bierkeller Night in Dolau Community Hall organised by the Llandrndod Wells and Area Twinning Association as a social fund raising event. The twenty strong band were dressed in traditional German costumes and had a captivated audience participating in singing and dancing.

Under the leadership of their musical director David Wilson, the band played a variety of German oompah music and Viennese waltzes, whilst the audience enjoyed German beer and wines.Traditional German food, including sauerkraut, frankfurters and apple strudel, was prepared and served by committee members.

At the end of the evening the suitably attired Chairman of Llandrindod Twinning, Jeff Thomas, presented the raffle prizes and a prize to the best-dressed band member. Jeff thanked everyone who had worked hard to make the evening such a success., particularly the members of Radnor Valley Band who looked wonderful in their traditional German costume and had played a particularly enjoyable programme of music.


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