A group of fifteen pupils and their teachers from the Werkrealschȕle, Bad Rappenau – Llandrindod Wells’s twin town in Germany – have recently completed a four day stay in Mid Wales. The school party was accompanied by a group of twenty adults who all stayed at the homes of local supporters of the Llandrindod Wells and Area Twinning Association

A full programme of events had been organised by the Llandrindod Wells and Area Twinning Association that enabled the German students to meet and make friends with young people in the area. Mr. David Lewis, Headteacher of Llandrindod Wells High School, invited the German students to spend a day at Llandrindod High School where they were given the opportunity to join in classroom activities in the design and technology department, share music lessons together and play games of football and rounders. The students from Llandrindod High School and their German guests had been paired up together which enabled the visitors to practice speaking English with their new friends.

May 2013 School Group

Students from the Werkrealschȕle, Bad Rappenau mix with Llandrindod High School pupils during their recent successful twinning visit to Llandrindod Wells.

Isa Klopprogge, one of the teachers accompanying the German pupils, said how pleased she was at the way the pupils from both schools had interacted through the medium of English. For most of the pupils it was their first visit to Britain and they were able to make a large number of new friends and links with pupils at the High School. After the school activities the pupils walked to Llandrindod Wells Golf Club where they learnt golfing skills on the golf range and putting course. Thanks were given to the High School and Golf Club for making the young guests so welcome.

Golf presentation

Edmund Coady, Vice-Chairman, presents the prize for the winning golf score to Oliver Starz from Bad Rappenau

Other activities enjoyed by the adults and young visitors was a visit to the Spring Festival at the Royal Welsh Showground and a sunny day out visiting the beach and nature reserve at Ynys Las followed by an afternoon site seeing in Aberystwyth. On their return from Aberystwyth the young German students were entertained to an evening of activities with the 1st Llandrindod Wells Scout Group who are planning a visit to Bad Rappenau in July 2014. After the activities everyone enjoyed a buffet meal together when the young visitors and scouts were able to forge new friendships.School Group farewell

Before their journey home the deputy mayor, Elaine Worgan, thanked the group for making the long journey to Wales and hoped that they had enjoyed their stay. It was noted that in order to fund these visits Llandrindod Wells and Area Twinning Association relies on voluntary contributions and support. The Association also wants to make twinning accessible to all sectors of the community and any local group wishing to make an exchange visit should contact the Association through its website https://llandrindodtwinning.wordpress.com/ or by phoning the Secretary on 01597 851614